Welcome to my Corvette page!

I picked up this base C6 in December of 2020. I had been watching base model C5s autocross for a few years and was fascinated with how much they didnd’t have to shift on the slower courses. The base model Corvette has a little bit taller gears, and the same holds true for the TR6060 in the later C6 Corvettes. This taller gearing makes things a bit less awkward on autocrosses, allowing me to use first gear a bit more before I’m forced into second gear - and you’re going really fast in second gear in a Corvette.

This is the second half of the C6 generation - that means it has the LS3 V8 with the TR6060 6 speed transmission. All Corvettes of this generation come with limited slip differentials, so it’s well equipped there. In this part of the C6 production, the Z51 package didn’t exist. In their infinite wisdom, Chevrolet introduced the Grand Sport in 2010 and eliminated the Z51 package. My car has all of the sub-packages that came in the Z51 except for the engine oil cooler, which is an integrated unit in the factory radiator. This has turned out to be the Achilles Heel of the car as I discovered that when I push the car a little more on the racetrack during a track day, engine oil temps will exceed 300 degrees fahrenheit.

The car currently has about 75,000 miles on it and I’ve left the car mostly stock. I bought a second set of more aesthetically-pleasing OEM wheels with slightly wider Falken RT660s, which proved to be a very nice addition to the car. Current changes since I bought the car:

  • Sam Strano front adjustable swaybar
  • Fresh OEM harmonic balancer
  • Carbotech XP10/XP8 pads front/rear
  • Fresh OEM high pressure rack & pinion line
  • Bridgestone RE-71RS 255/40R18 / 285/35R19
  • New-to-me torque tube (roughly 35k miles when installed)
  • Fresh clutch, flywheel and pilot bearing
  • Remote clutch bleeder line

Potential upgrades in the future, should I decide to keep the car and move to CAM or Street Touring:

  • Upgrade the radiator (Dewitts?)
  • Add an oil cooler (Gspeed or Improved Racing? Delta T issues when coolers are stacked)
  • Install the Vetteworks Sharkbar
  • Add harnesses for AX & trackdays
  • Add the DEI heat shielding I purchased 2 years ago to the torque tube tunnel - it gets HOT in the center console. Hot enough to force my phone to shut down
  • Replace endlinks
  • Replace corner weight adjusters

C6 Glamour Shots - Underhood C6 Glamour Shots - Driver Side @ Council Crest C6 Glamour Shots - Driver Side 3/4 @ Work C6 Glamour Shots - Passenger Side 3/4 @ Work C6 Glamour Shots - First Autocross With OE Wheels