So, after everything had been running for a while, some changes happened.

Pixelfed went down, and I couldn’t get it back up without a complete wipe. Due to that, I felt it was not stable enough for production use yet (read: reliable low-impact upgrades) so I’ve abandoned it for the time being. Second, I’ve abandoned my diaspora instance as it had a very low user count as a platform in general and it was not providing any value.

I have maintained my Mastodon instance - there are many millions of users and I follow quite a few users. I am not very active, but there’s some great threads and great people to follow.

Peertube is still running and for the most part, it’s working pretty well. I’ve ran into an issue with large file uploads that I need to sort out, but it’s turned out to be a pretty reliable home for my personal videos to share. I don’t have federation turned on at the moment, but I’ll eventually turn that on once I sort out my storage transition to an internal S3-style model via Minio.

Facebook is certainly hard to quit. The groups function is very good primarily because of the users. Same with marketplace. There needs to be a solid replacement for those. That could include Friendica, but I have not explored that platform on my own.

Lemmy is a mixed bag. Lemmy intentionally does not support privacy options such as GDPR. There’s no respectful “delete” option that spreads across instances, and I think this is where I would diverge when creating my own platform.

More later!