Bridge City Autosports put on another fun event!

I ended up working in the first run group, resting during the second and running in the third. Rain was light in the morning, mostly non-existent in the second, and started coming down heavier in the third, so my times were much slower than the earlier groups. Out of twenty-five competitors in my run group, I ended up coming in fifth and taking first in NS2.

I spent some time getting SoloStorm to work. I got everything working with the OBDLink MX+ telemetry dongle gathering car metrics, GoPro Hero 4 recordingin 1080p60, and QStarz 818GT GPS. The MX+ is slow - roughly 1hz, so throttle input telemetry is fairly laggy in the overlay video. Also, there’s definitely a process that you need to go through to setup SoloStorm to record your course walk:

  1. Disable the OBD telemetry gathering in settings.
  2. Disable the camera in settings.
  3. Disable automatic triggers to switch to manual start trigger.
  4. Once these are done, you can do an initial walk to set staging, start and finish markers.
  5. Once the markers are set, do another course walk and record your walk. You might be able to combine this and the last step. I’m going to try this the next event.

Links to video and results are over on the Motorsports page!