This is my first post in Jekyll. OK, it’s actually my second. But I’m actually putting some effort into this.

I bought a laptop a couple of weeks ago, an Asus G551JM-EH74. So far, it’s been an alright experience. It came with Windows 8.1, and I promptly installed Ubuntu 14.10. This has hybrid graphics, and to be honest, I didn’t even use the hybrid graphics setup on my desktop when it ran Windows - so I’m not sure if my next comment is appropriate - but the hybrid-ness of the graphics in Ubuntu seems pretty clunky. In order to switch from using the Intel GPU to NVIDIA, you have to log out of the session. I suppose that’s fairly minimal compared to having to reboot. Also, battery life doesn’t seem to be that great. In fact, terrible - less than 60 minutes - when using the NVIDIA graphics. I’m guessing about 120 minutes using the Intel GPU. I’ll have to put it to the test and find out. It came with an optical drive, and I’m keeping my eyes open for a tray to replace the optical drive with an additional SSD. I’d like to get an external BD burner for archiving using M-Discs, so having an optical drive in the laptop itself is not a concern for me. Everything I do anymore is image (thus, flash drive) or network based that I simply don’t need optical media outside of backups. I’ve done a fair amount of gaming, natively, in Ubuntu as well. Sitting down and being able to play good 3D games in linux used to just be a pipe dream. It’s reality now (welcome to 2010, right?). No more needing to use Wine for a lot of applications, which is really awesome - though I still love Wine and everything it provided for me in the past.

Look for upcoming posts about the work I’m doing with single board computers, like the Odroid C1, and another project that has caught my serious attention, cjdns.