Back in 2010, I saw Enter The Void with a couple of friends of mine. That was my first experience with Gaspar Noe, and I was struck with how his concept of reincarnation so closely mirrored my teenage writing. Not in articulation; simply concept. Clearly, Noe was able to translate his thoughts into a real film which had, for me, impact on several levels.

Love (in 3D) is no less impactful. It follows the repurcussions of the choices a man makes between two lovers; his regret for succumbing to the advances of someone who took advantage of him - in a way. The way his choice impacted the woman who was already in love with him; How she rejected him for his unfaithfulness and fell down her own hole. I feel this film is impactful because I can feel empathy for the protagonist, not so much in the infidelity, but in choosing some over others, and the impact those choices have on those people. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t weeping just a little by the end.

This is a film which documents a love story between three people. There will be parts which are graphic to some, obscene to others, and beautiful to, hopefully, a larger many. I will warn you straight away that this is probably the most graphic sex I’ve seen in a film outside of a purpose-made porn; I say that neither as a detraction or a compliment - I look at it simply as an integral part of the story. One must remember what their twenties were like to appreciate the tenderness of many of the scenes in the film, and, perhaps experiences that were not as innocent.

I recommend seeing this film, wholeheartedly. 5/5