The date on this is off, but you’ll have to accept that.

Victoria was slow at times. That played into the plot though, perfectly. I know some people could empathize with this feeling: being with new people, making decisions and doing things you wouldn’t ordinarily do - because life is now. Except that every decision that is make takes you further down a rabbit hole you can’t get back out of.

Victoria gives you a glimpse of a human train wreck from start to finish. It’s worthwhile to stick around for the end though; you are watching a movie about Victoria and an evening she is experiencing and it’s fitting that it ends being about her.

I haven’t even mentioned the fact that the movie was made in one shot. One shot. ONE SHOT. THere were a couple of times early in that I felt a little motion sick - but I attribute that to more being sick at the time than to the filming itself. I would actually buy this film once it gets released, for the sheer fact that it was a challenging film to make and Victoria represents someone in many of us.

Go see it. 5/5